Hello hello! It has been a while since my last entry --- I ask for patience as I transition into my summer rhythm….

Summer is an important time for me. It is a time to re-flect and re-group, when I have space to breathe, process, dream my work into being away from a daily schedule of teaching. It is artist time - a period of active calibration – paying attention to what settles at the bottom and what rises to the top of my artistic consciousness – a check-in. Scheduling is difficult because I am so greedy of my time, especially these beginning days of summer when I have to practice taking time, remembering the feeling of allowing actions and ideas to run their actual duration rather than rushing, shortening, always moving on to the next thing – never having time to feel the completion of one task as distinct from the beginning of another.

thinking dreaming feeling being making asking practicing

Settling back into my body, recognizing that feeling of being at the front of my eyeballs, the unconscious, gentle insistence on a forward direction that locks the base of my skull into the back of my neck

Allowing my eyes to rest in their sockets, sensing how the back of my neck softens, my chin drops, my throat relaxes, and all of a sudden I can feel the weight of my body again.

Dropping down into the physicality of my body, open to impulse from an awareness of sensation rather than a construction of thought.


Slowing down.


Paying attention.


Moving from the inside.