She forgets Herself

Hello hello! I am truly honored to receive a 2017 Artist Fellowship in Choreography from Creative Pinellas. As part of the award, I am to keep a public blog about my activities, and I am excited (and more than a little nervous) about the prospect. While I enjoy writing, I am not a journal-er, nor do I keep a diary, so I welcome the task of writing regularly about my work (and other stuff).


Ok, so first, a little about me. I am choreographer, and movement is the filter through which I make sense of the world. I often utilize technology in my work, most often through video projection design. By creating abstract animations in Adobe After Effects, I have used projection as lighting design and also as a set element, with videos of birds, or clouds, or other visual content. It is important to me to create a context for each dance I make, and projection has been one way for me to “place” dance in relation to an idea or visual reference. 


I also like to literally place my dances in non-traditional venues by making site-specific dances. I have made dances in a creek, under a tunnel, on a wall, in a tea-house, a botanical garden, among other locations. Most recently, I created a work for the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club, as part of OUR TOWN, a walking tour of site-specific works that I curated for SPF 16 this past September. One of my current projects is a performance of three new dance/music works in three cities along the Pinellas Trail, an expansion of OUR TOWN called OUR TRAIL. The three choreographers are Helen Hansen French, Kellie Harmon, and myself, working with three composers that will be curated by Elizabeth Baker of the New Music Conflagration. I am sure I will talk more about OUR TRAIL in subsequent entries.


Most recently, I have been working on what I think is becoming a series of dances. She has a Particular Relationship with Memory was the piece I created for the shuffleboard courts last September. It was a site-specific dance for 6 dancers who performed in the alleys between the courts. She engages in a sequence of Surrenders was a solo I created (and performed) for BEACON, a performance series curated by Helen Hansen French and Lauren Sloane. For this work, I was working with a physical sensation of surrendering, which translated at times into the sensation of “giving in” to the movement, and at other times following a line of energy through my body, or through a shifting of weight. A small video of birds in flight was projected onto the left side of the back wall for the duration of the piece.


I am beginning a new solo in this series – She forgets Herself, which I am creating for/with dancer Nathalia Guzman. Our first rehearsal is May 4, and I am really looking forward to getting into the studio. In the spirit of artistic process, I thought I would share my initial thoughts and ideas for this new work:


She forgets herself

Grey hair going grey from root to tip

Core to distal

Memory echo

Deconstructing reconstructing

Mind racing

Trying to track the thought

Path path path open space lost find

The key back into the maze

Privacy vs secrecy


Go before you’re ready


Do you remember the first color you ever liked?

What was your first favorite color?

What was your first desire?

What was your first favorite shirt?

What was your first favorite thing to do?

Etc etc


What is your favorite feeling?


The now The then The here


When was your first disappointment?

When was the first time someone was mean to you?

When was the first time you were shocked?

What was the first really mean thing that you did?

When was the first time you were selfish?

When was the first time someone let you down?

When was the first time you let someone down?

When was the first time you were embarrassed?

When was the first time you were embarrassed by your parents?


When was the first time you remember shaping your identity?

When was the first time you remember shaping your identity based on someone else’s values?


What happens when we remove fragments of time?