Teaching Artists: From Camp to Class


Our fall youth classes start this weekend! We such fun with our musical theatre-focused sessions during summer camp, that we are now bringing musical theatre classes into our fall programming. It's wonderful to see our teaching artists taking what they've learn in our training sessions and at camp, and challenging themselves to develop new and unique content - as well as challenging our students to grow!

Disney Dreams: Songs & Stories
Grades K-2

Do you dream in Disney music? Students will explore the characters and songs of their favorite stories, movies, and musicals! Featuring music from “The Lion King,” “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” “Pocahontas,” “101 Dalmatians,” “Toy Story” and “Hercules,” this course will feature spectacular songs as students craft original scenes and characters inspired by the music they love. These young artists will discover the basics of acting, voice, and movement as they develop unique characters, stories, and sing their hearts out. The class will culminate in a Final Sharingdemonstrating what students learned throughout the semester.

Musical Theatre Dreams: Scenes into Songs
Grades 3-5

Young artists have big imaginations filled with unique ideas, characters, and songs. Students will learn basic voice, movement, and acting technique as they explore some of the most popular and inspirational songs about big dreams like: “Somewhere Out There”, “I just Can’t Wait to be King”, “Pure Imagination”, “If I only had a Brain”, and more!  As we discover the lyrics and meanings behind the music, students will develop acting and writing technique as they craft unique characters and original scenes inspired by these songs. The class will culminate in Final Sharing of their scenes into songs.

Musical Storytellers
Grades 6-8

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams…”
-Arthur O’Shaughnessy

This semester, the ON THE HORIZON Ensemble will craft a Musical Theatre cabaret in their own voices. Under the guidance of a professional director/playwright, these young artists will explore the process of collaborative scene-writing and songwriting. The final piece will be performed on our MainStage, and include a series of scenes and songs, some written by students, and some pulled from popular musicals and classic plays.

This experience challenges young people to build their acting, writing, voice, movement, and teamwork skills. Through this artistic process, students will explore WHY musical theatre matters, and how powerful it can be.

No experience necessary! Students new to musical theatre are just as encouraged to participate as students with previous experience. Creating an original cabaret asks each artist in the ensemble to bring their unique strengths and voices to the table.


SPARK Original Production
Grades 9-12

This semester, the SPARK Teen Ensemble will craft an original play inspired by the themes and characters of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy: MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING.

These young artists will work with a professional director/playwright to create, rehearse, and perform a one act play, which will run for 2 performances on the set of our MainStage professional production of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. This experience challenges students to elevate theiracting, voice, movement, and writing technique. Through the process, students will explore WHY theatre matters, and how powerful it can be.


SPARK Improv Team
Ages 13-18

SPARK IMPROV Team is an extension of American Stage Improv for teens. Improv isn’t just crazy fun, it is a necessary and fundamental skill-set for ALL theatre artists. SPARK IMPROV ignites awareness, intellect, and artistry in young adults as communicators and collaborators. These young artists willwork together from September 2017 – May 2018, each Sunday afternoon (excluding holidays).
They will explore the basics of working as a troupe/ensemble, hone their creative voices, and collaborate to develop honest, impromptu scenework, and an original longform improv format.They will also explore various genres of improv.

The SPARK IMPROV Team will perform multiple times throughout the year, for youth final sharings, as well as the quarterly American Stage Improv student festivals (alongside other teams of adult improv students). Toward the end of their year together, there will even be opportunities for this team to perform in House Teams Live, alongside our professional improv teams.

Young artists, ages 13-18, must participate in a fun, 2-hour audition process that will allow us to see each player’s unique qualities, and their how they collaborate with an ensemble. Players may have varying levels of experience, as long as they fit together as a balanced team with an array of strengths.

Classes for grades K-5 begins September 2nd and run through November 18th. Classes for grades 6-12 begin September 16th, and each have specific performance dates on our MainStage. Our new SPARK improv team begins September 3rd, and rehearses throughout the year, performing in many of our professional improv shows with American Stage Improv.