From Facebook Post to a Student Play

Session 3: Young Storytellers, On the Horizon

On Monday (the first day of this camp session), we posted this quote on Facebook.

"I'm so happy to be in a place where everyone is thought of as equal."
-6th-8th grade student, Session 3: Young Storytellers, On the Horizon

A parent instantly commented on it:

"My son came home so excited from camp today...When he came home he immediately started writing his own play. Thank you so much for providing an environment where he felt welcome and comfortable...He is always so worried about fitting in. He had really worked himself up that he wasn't going to be 'good' at camp. The fact that he gave up going to his JiuJitsu class to write this, really says how happy he was."

She then sent us his AMAZING story:

by Jack Tierney

Ever since 2014, hikers and adventurers have gone missing without a trace. I decided to investigate one day. Here is my diary…

10:30 Pm, June 15, 2015

In the black of night, I finally reached my destination. Whokai Forest, Panama. In one hand, I had a flashlight. I crept into the woods, pushing away undergrowth. I suddenly noticed this strange red light shooting up into the stars. When I got to the source, I discovered it was some sort of marking beacon. Then I saw little white lights leading in a path. It was a long path but when I reached the end of the road…

10:38 Pm, June 15, 2015

I saw the most amazing sight. A simply ENORMOUS UFO. It must have been the size of a 2-story house. No, no, it was MANSION SCALE. It looked exactly how most sci-fi UFOs are pictured. On a certain area, it read: “A B E L”

Just below that, strange symbols were organized something like this (btw: Key: 1 = upwards facing horseshoe shape, 2 = downwards of the same thing.) 2112 21 2 121

This miraculous figure was hovering 5 feet or so above the ground. A hatch that was apparently on the bottom opened. And out of it came a whole squad of Grey aliens (humanoid beings with weird grey heads (hence the nickname), black “clothing”, and big, black eyes that looked like they were made of glass.) They looked around. They saw me. They slowly walked toward me. I, meanwhile, gave them a nasty look. They turned their heads curiously. Then they somehow (even though they didn’t have eyebrows) looked very angry. And then I ran. I looked back only twice. But they were gone. I ran to home. And ever since that day, I have never gone to that area again. Ever.

07:26 Am, June 16, 2015

The next morning, I turned on the news. Local people have nicknamed the Whokai Forest (the place where those adventurers vanished) “Area 13”. I’ve heard of Area 51, but this is taking it to the next level! Could the disappearing people have been abducted? Who knows? But in the meantime, keep an eye out for ABEL… And if grey aliens come out of it, RUN FOR IT. And Don’t. Look. BACK.